A modern organic look with an urbane and welcoming feel defines the aesthetic of this stunning loft.

Burnished oak floors. Warm sienna leather wall tiles. A bank of smooth walnut cabinets. These are just a few of the design details that beckon to the touch behind the tall mahogany door of this Uptown high rise — a stunning mosaic of rich finishes and tactile treasures. The owner gave the design and build team creative freedom. The results are stunning: A modern organic look with an urbane and welcoming feel. Clean lines softened by rich natural materials and rich textures define the aesthetic. The unique materials include the kitchen's 200-year-old oak floor boards from recovered logs at the bottom of Lake Superior. Abundant natural light from a west-facing wall highlights the features while affording stunning views of Lake Calhoun. Call today to schedule an informational meeting or tour.

BUILDER: Streeter & Associates
ARCHITECT: Peterssen/Keller Architecture
INTERIOR: Wheaton Hushcha Design